Our main activities

8 partners from 7 different countries will all work towards achieving the same main goal and successfully managing the 3 main activities of the project:


The goal is …

Training Activity Program

The goal is..

Training Program APP

The final activity’s objective is to promote learning…

CSV4VET – English

The importance of staying creative

Creativity, a 21st-century skill for employment and a pathway to social inclusion, is the most in-demand soft skill that companies need in 2020. Therefore, one of the objectives of ET 2020 — the EU’s Strategic Framework for Education and Training 2020 is “creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship at all levels of education and training”. However, studies have shown that most people are born with incredible creative potential, but by the time they reach adulthood and enter the work field only 2% show the same genius levels of creativity.

The Project

The Create Shared Value project follows the principle that creativity can be relearned, which would be especially useful for those involved in VET, for education professionals and learners because they must all be creative in their methods of teaching, organizing and delivering the training.

As it is above-mentioned that via CSV@VET, we would like to contribute institutions in VET sector by providing some practical materials and activities to be able to integrate their business interest with that of the community in which it operates,so the actions of their business and industry impact the lives of citizens, both directly and indirectly. Thereby ,we'll strive to assure reasonable level of responsibilities towards society plus their economic and legal obligations in the business and industry.
Our primarily aims with CSV@VET are:
O1- To promote the CSR methodology to contribute to the improvement of the VET sector via technology,
O2- Ensuring the active participation of people with less opportunity in VET,
O3- Increasing employability in business areas and promoting new roles through CSV@VET,
O4- To augment the social responsibility awareness of educational institutions, especially vocational education,
O5- Infusion of environmentally friendly approaches, a more inclusive and participatory society into our target group,
O6- Mutual gains for both business owners and society.(win to win)

The outputs

The outputs/results of the project will be a guide, programm and APP, correlated to the three main activities of the project:


  • Create Shared Value Reference Guide
  • Training Activity Program
  • Training Program APP


The books gather all the precious information that was shared between the participants of the main activities and they will be available on the project website and Erasmus+ dissemination Platforms.

The targeted groups

The main groups that are targeted regarding the Create Shared Value for VET project are:

  • Teachers, trainers, educational staff from I-VET and C-VET
  • Educational professionals (VET managers, schools principals, developers, administrative staff)
  • Mentors/tutors/coaches from companies with creative jobs involved in work-based learning
  • And, nonetheless, the indirect participants – 600 learners (including disadvantaged people, especially with geographic, economic or social barriers) who will ultimately be involved in partners’ training/courses as beneficiaries of new innovative learning methodologies and programs.

Create Shared Value for VET is not only working towards raising awareness to mentors/tutors about participation in VET processes but also improving the knowledge of the people in the VET sector about in-company training and the potential of creative industries refining their pedagogical competencies.